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How to test for THC potency at home - and a $25 coupon code!

Updated: May 17, 2022

I am a huge fan of making my own cannabis infusions, oils, and edibles. It’s a great way to save money and to know the ingredients you’re consuming, but it can be frustrating to not know exactly how much THC is in the final product.

Although lab potency testing offers high-accuracy results, it comes with its cons. Sending samples off to the lab is time-consuming and expensive and I was searching for a better way.

Luckily, a friend of mine had recently purchased a neat little device that can tell you how much THC is in your homemade infusions fairly accurately. It’s called the T-Check and I’m going to sing its praises here (and offer you an awesome discount if you'd like one too!)

(However, if a T-Check isn't in your future, you can get a really decent guess on the potency of your edibles and oils here at my Dosing Calculator - and it's free!)

Today You'll Learn:

  • What are the features of the T-Check?

  • How does the T-Check work?

  • How Accurate is the T-Check?

  • Can the T-Check test more than infusions?

  • T-Check drawbacks

  • Other THC testers on the market

  • How to save $25 off your T-Check!

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T-Check Features

The T-Check is a fairly easy-to-use at-home tool that you can utilize to test the potency of your cannabis. Thankfully, the T-Check has a variety of capabilities allowing you to test fat-based or alcohol-based tinctures with really quick results. The T-Check is a go-to tool to ensure that all of your edibles are dosed how you want them, helping you to avoid being uncomfortable or wasting product.

How Does the T-Check work?

Without going too deep on the science-y details, here’s a breakdown of exactly how the T-Check works. In the simplest of terms, you place some of your diluted cannabis oil (15 mg/ml max reading) onto the sample tray and pop that into the T-Check.

From there, the reading of mg of THC will be displayed through the synced app on your phone. The best part? Since the T-Check syncs with your phone, the app walks you through the process step-by-step and logs the results in one handy location.

For additional guidance, you can head on over to the T-Check website where you can access lots of how-tos, tutorials, and their fantastic customer service.

How Accurate is the T-Check?

  • It’s better than a shot in the dark and not as perfect as lab testing

  • I’ve tested store-bought infusions and it comes really close (off by about 1mg/ml)

  • Many factors that go into it but all in all it’s fairly accurate and significantly better than guessing

While the T-Check isn’t a replacement for results from a lab, it’s a close runner-up, and using the T-Check is definitely better than a shot-in-the-dark guess. I’ve even done my own comparison tests using store-bought infusions and the T-Check comes surprisingly close to the potency on the label, give or take about 1 mg/ml.

There are of course many factors that go into the accuracy and testing with the T-Check system. But, if you read and follow the instructions it’s fairly accurate and significantly better than guessing.

CNBS breaks down how the T-Check can measure the ranges of potency for each substance type in this article. The mention of multiple substance types leads perfectly to the next point I want to make.

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Can the T-Check test more than infusions?

The short is answer yes. But there's a but (LOL). T-Check offers a few kit options. The basic kit tests oils, ghee (not butter), MCT, and alcohol infusions. If you’re looking to test flower, trim, and concentrates, you can purchase the add-on kit to test (I’ll touch on this more in a later blog, so stay tuned).

In terms of potency detection ranges, here’s what the T-Check has to offer for these substance types:

  • For infusions, the T-Check can measure 1-15 mg of THC/ml

  • For flower, the T-Check can measure 1-40% THC potency

  • For concentrates, the T-Check can measure 1-99% THC potency

For any samples that are more potent than these ranges, an “OVER” message will be displayed. That's unlikely with flower or concentrates, but if you get the OVER message on a homemade oil, you just need to dilute it further for the T-Check to pick it up.

Are there drawbacks to the T-Check?

As with any technology, the T-Check does come with some drawbacks. When first starting out testing, there is a little bit of a trial and error period to get the hang of prepping the sample, inserting it into the machine, and interpreting the reading.

Additionally, as mentioned above, the T-Check has a built-in potency limit for infusions of 15 mg/ml, so the infusion will need to be diluted first. This is simple enough to work around by mixing your infusion with virgin oil.

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Are there other potency testers on the market?

The T-Check does have market competitors. In my work as the Head Cannabis Science Educator at the Cannabis Coaching Institute, I’ve talked with many students who have tried other devices on the market. The overwhelming conclusion - they liked the T-Check the best.

How Much is the T-Check?

The basic kit is sold for $280 USD, allowing you to test oils, ghee (not butter), MCT, and alcohol infusions. The flower, trim and concentrate add-on kit is sold for $380. Just for reference, my lab charges between $30-$60 per test. Plus, I save so much money by making my own accurately-dosed edibles instead of buying them at the dispensary.

This means I only have to use my T-Check a few times until it pays for itself when compared to lab testing fees.

t-check coupon, t-check, thc tester, thc home testing

Hopefully, you’re going away with a better understanding of what the T-Check can offer you for your at-home potency test needs. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

With love,


PS - If you’re looking to purchase a T-Check system for your home use, head to and use code: revealcannabis at check out for $25 off your purchase!


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