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How to Feel Better with Cannabis and CBD

Without wasting time, effort, and money...
...even if you never want to feel high and don’t want to smoke.

According to the CDC, more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. They also state that over 20% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. And the American Psychological Association says that nearly 70% of us are experiencing more stress because of the pandemic. Do you know what is known to help with sleep, pain, stress, and more? Cannabis.

You’ve heard that cannabis or CBD might help with pain, sleep, stress, depression, migraines, fibromyalgia, energy, anxiety and more. Your friends are experiencing relief and you keep reading about it in the news. It should be really easy, right? Just head to the dispensary, pick out a product, and start feeling better.

The problem? It just doesn’t work like that for most people. There are SO many types of cannabis and ways to take it that it’s overwhelming and crazy-making! What worked for your friend might not work for you and you can spend a lot of time Googling and a lot of money on products that don’t work. Plus, dosing with cannabis isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It takes time and tracking to know what is effective and what’s a waste of money.

Ask me how I know! When I started using cannabis to treat my crippling depression I spent hours on the internet searching for the right product for me only to try it and find out it didn’t work at all. Sometimes I would get too high and not be able to function and other times I wouldn’t take enough and I’d be in bed crying all day! It was infuriating, frustrating and, EXPENSIVE.

Image by Uday Mittal

I almost gave up several times but I knew that cannabis could work if I could just solve the puzzle. Maybe you’ve felt the same way?

  • Maybe you tried CBD and it didn’t work.

  • Maybe THC made you feel paranoid and sick and you’re nervous about trying again.

  • Or maybe you’re having a hard time shaking the stigma.

I had ALL those experiences and almost gave up multiple times.

But instead of quitting, I dove in deeper. I trained as a Cannabis Coach, studied my brains out and read every book and research paper I could get my hands on. I learned WHY and HOW cannabis works and how to use it for dozens of different conditions.

It was like I had broken the elusive “cannabis code”.

I finally had the tools I needed to use cannabis intuitively to help me feel my best every day. I knew when I needed a little more THC or a little less CBD and I was able to giggle with my kids, go to work and relax with my husband again. Cannabis allows me to live my best life and I can give you a shortcut to the same outcome, just like I’ve been doing for hundreds of clients for the past three years.

Andrea Meharg

In 2016, Andrea Meharg, a mom of two young boys, a wife and an elementary school teacher fell into a deep depression that left her in bed for months. She tried everything to get better including medication, meditation, exercise, therapy and more, but nothing worked. For Christmas, she was given a baggie of cannabis by a friend who thought it might help. It did.


Cannabis changed everything for Andrea.


It allowed her to climb out of depression and then to change literally everything about her life. Now, as a certified Cannabis Coach and Educator and the Founder of Reveal Cannabis she has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use cannabis to live a happier, healthier life. In her role as Head Science Educator for the Cannabis Coaching Institute, she educates and empowers new Cannabis Coaches to have a deep understanding of the power of the plant.  


  The Complete Cannabis Consultation  


Live a Happier, Healthier Life Using Cannabis... Without all the Hassle and Expense


Imagine being able to use plant medicine to have better energy, less stress, better sleep, less pain, happier days and less anxiety. What would that look like and feel like for you? What if you were able to ditch some of your prescription meds and all their side effects and instead use a substance that humans have been taking for millennia?

This is a two-month personalized journey designed by a certified Cannabis Coach so you can successfully and safely use cannabis to help with pain, anxiety, sleep, stress and so much more. Perfect for new cannabis users or those who want to use the plant for health and wellness, not just getting high.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine how much THC and/or CBD to take to make you feel better.

    • (Never worry about getting too high or not feeling well.)

  • Track your consumption so you know what is working and what is not.

    • (Don’t wonder if you’re better, learn to track properly and know for sure!)

  • Choose different products and ingestion methods based on the day 

    • (Imagine being able to control your symptoms intuitively instead of following a prescription label.)

  • Increase or decrease your doses based on how you’re feeling.

    • (It’s all laid out in your Cannabis Guide so you don’t have to fret.)

Why? So you can get back to living your healthiest, happiest life WITHOUT all the trial and error and expense that’s typical for new consumers.


  What Do You Get with the Complete Cannabis Consultation?  


  • One 30-minute Phone Consultation with Andrea (Value - $97)

    • She’ll ask you lots of questions so she can create your Personalized Cannabis Guide.

    • Get education and advice personalized to your situation, and ask all your canna-questions

  • Personalized Cannabis Guide (Value - $297)

    • An in-depth, personalized Guide that outlines everything we discussed on the phone and everything you need to get started

    • Links to purchase recommended products as well as guidance on dosing and ingestion methods

  • Two Months of Full Email Support (Value $597)

    • During the next two months, you can email Andrea with ALL your questions. She is there to help you make cannabis work for you. It’s like having a Cannabis Coach in your pocket!

  • One 20-Minute Follow-Up Call (Value $57)

    • Book this call anytime during your two months to do a check-in or to chat about your progress. This is another opportunity for you to fully understand the cannabis plant in all her glory!

  • BONUS: Symptom and Dose Tracking Guide (Value $27)

    • Don’t just assume you’re feeling better, quantify it on this easy-to-use dose tracker. Are pen and paper not your thing? No worries, I’ll provide digital options for you as well.

  • BONUS: Cannabis 101 Fact Sheet - How and Why Cannabis Works (Value $27)

    • Don’t allow stigma to stop you from feeling your best. Keep this fact sheet in your pocket and whip it out whenever someone says something negative about cannabis.

  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Cooking with Cannabis Tutorials (Value $147)

    • Get access to any of Andrea’s Cooking with Cannabis tutorials. If you don’t want to smoke and you do want to save money on edibles, tinctures, salves and more, this is a huge bonus for you. These are normally only shared in my online classes but for a limited time, I’ll be sharing them with my private clients as well!

Your Investment: $249
No worries, I’ll do the math for you.


  That’s a $1249 value for under 250 bucks.  

There is NOTHING Out There Like This

I created the Complete Cannabis Consultation after suffering from a deep depression about 5 years ago. I tried everything I could to get better, from medication to exercise to therapy, but it was only cannabis that made me feel well again. However, I didn’t know how to feel better without feeling high and there was NO ONE to teach me.


My family doctor thought I was the devil for using cannabis and my cannabis doctor wouldn’t help me wean off my prescription anti-depressants. It was incredibly frustrating to find information I trusted that would actually help in the real world.


So, I trained to be a Cannabis Coach so that I could provide this service. Since 2018, I’ve helped hundreds of clients take control of their own health and wellness with the power of this plant and I’m 100% invested in making sure you feel amazing, too.  

Andrea Meharg has been featured in:

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Andrea Meharg has been featured on:


Are You Ready to Start Feeling Better NOW?


Using cannabis to improve your health and wellness isn’t simple. In fact, many people try cannabis once, decide it doesn’t work for them and then never give it another chance. They are missing out on a lifetime of less pain, better sleep, more smiles and less stress. 

Here’s the truth. It takes time and expertise to figure out what products, doses and ingestion methods are right for you. When you purchase the Complete Cannabis Consultation you’re getting a shortcut to health without suffering through the frustration and spending hundreds of dollars in trial and error to get there.

I’ll chat with you soon,


I Only Take a Few Clients Each Month

Because of the time and care I provide for each client I work with, I only offer a few Complete Cannabis Consultation appointments each month. With all the money and time that you can spend trying to find out what might work for you, wouldn’t it be better to just work with a professional and feel secure about your decisions? Book now and start experiencing better health and happiness immediately.


How Quickly Can I Expect to See Results?

This is a hard one to answer. For some clients, the first dose and product we try works perfectly and they’re suddenly zooming around with smiles on their faces. For other clients, it can take a few weeks before we land at the sweet spot. However, once you learn to use cannabis to help you feel better, the goal is that you'll be able to manage any further discomforts intuitively, for the rest of your life!

I’ve NEVER Touched Cannabis Before! Is this for newbies?

Yes! The vast majority of my clients have never used cannabis before. I know how scary it can be to consider this super stigmatized substance as a health and wellness supplement. That’s why it’s important for me to teach you how and why cannabis works in your body, so you can drop that stigma and just feel better.

I Do Not Want to Get High and I Don’t Want to Smoke. Will You Still Work with Me?

Of course! I rarely recommend smoking to any of my clients, so no worries there. And I know that many people are nervous about the high associated with THC. If that’s you, don’t fret. You NEVER have to feel high or stoned and can still feel sooooo much better with cannabis.

Do You Work With People Outside Canada?

Absolutely. In fact, the majority of my clients are American! I’ve also worked with British, Australian and Mexican clients. Cannabis doesn’t know where you’re from, it just wants to help!

Where Do We Meet?

This is my favourite part! We meet over the phone so there is no need to change out of your comfy clothes or to even brush your hair! Just sit back, relax and prepare to feel better! 

Do You Work With Men?

Yes! When I first started Cannabis Coaching I was working mostly with moms, but so many people needed help that I decided to open it up. So, come one, come all! I’d love to help you feel better with a plant!

Cannabis Isn’t Legal Where I Live. Can You Still Help?

Yes! Although THC may not be legal in your state, CBD and other cannabis products ARE likely available throughout the country and many people do very well with cannabis without ever touching THC. Besides that, there is no law that prohibits you from learning about this plant.

How much Money Can I Save?

A lot. When I first started using cannabis for my depression, I tried EVERYTHING. I mean it, I tried multiple different varieties of cannabis, a ton of different ways to take it and I adjusted my doses like a wild woman. It cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I really never perfected it. When you purchase the Complete Cannabis Consultation, my goal is to nail the right product, ingestion method and dose within days or weeks, not months.

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