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How to Buy Cheap CBD Oil that Actually Works and Save over $700/Year!

Updated: May 17, 2022

We know that CBD oil only works if you take it consistently, but that can get REALLY expensive. So how do you find cheap CBD that actually works? Today, I’ll teach you how to buy the cheapest CBD on the market, so you save hundreds of dollars a year or more!

I recently had a client, Julie, who was suffering badly from arthritis. Previously an active, vibrant woman in her sixties, she found herself struggling to get out of bed and do her regular activities without pain over the past couple of years.

She has never been a big fan of taking pharmaceuticals, so she investigated alternatives. Her friend gifted her some CBD oil, and it helped Julie immensely. She said it made her feel like her ‘old self’ within about 20 minutes of putting it under her tongue.

But, when she went to purchase her next bottle at the dispensary, she was shocked at how much it would cost. Julie booked a Complete Cannabis Consultation with me to best understand how to keep her costs down. Among other things, I taught her an easy process for choosing the best-priced CBD.

Julie now shops around to ensure she’s not wasting money on her precious oil, and she’s feeling like a million bucks too. And now it’s your turn!

The BEST Way to Save Money on CBD Oil

Of course, there are many different factors you need to consider when purchasing CBD oil, but arguably one of the most important is the price. After all, if you can’t AFFORD to take CBD, it won’t matter if it’s helping you feel better.

And although this process I’m going to lay out below is easy, I’d be negligent if I didn’t mention that the absolute best way to cut costs on CBD oil is to make the oil yourself. It’s insanely simple to do, and the savings are substantial. You can learn how to make your own CBD oil in this incredible online class I created, The Ultimate Guide to EASY Homemade Edibles, Drinks, Topicals, and More. It’s only $37 CAD, and you’ll save hundreds or even thousands each year by going the DIY route. (See below to find out how much you can save.)

However, if making your own isn’t in the cards, it’s important to know how to save your pennies. I’ll show you below that just choosing the right product could save a moderate CBD user over $1,000/year.

How to Buy Cheap CBD Oil

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing CBD oil:

1. Quality

  • Yes, you can totally purchase CBD at your local gas station or health food store, but is it quality CBD? If you’re buying junk, it won’t matter if it’s inexpensive, it won’t work, and it’s a waste of money. This is ESPECIALLY important for my American readers, and I’ll teach you about it in an upcoming post.

2. Lab testing

  • This goes right along with the quality factor above. If you don’t have access to lab tests that tell you exactly what’s in it, including potency, heavy metals and residual solvents, you want to steer clear.

3. THC profile

  • I know we’re talking about CBD here, but many CBD oils (often called “full-spectrum” oils) contain a little bit of THC. If you’re not able to have any THC for some reason, you’ll be looking for broad-spectrum or CBD isolate oils.

4. Location

  • Maybe your deciding factor is how easily accessible the CBD oil is. Are you lucky enough to live near a local hemp farm?

5. And finally, price.

  • If you’re trying to compare two similar oils that meet all your criteria, how do you know which one is the better buy?

How to Determine How Much Each Milligram (mg) of CBD Costs

cheap cbd oil

You might already do this at the grocery store to find out the best buy on apples or ice cream, and it’s called finding the unit price.

We’re going to grab a couple of numbers from the package, do some quick math on our phones and then we’ll know how much each mg of CBD costs. (And of course, you could use this same process on your bottle of THC or CBG etc.)

This is an easy, three-step process.

  1. What is the price of the whole bottle?

  2. How many milligrams of CBD are in the whole bottle?

  3. Take the price and divide it by the number of mg. That’s how much each mg of CBD costs.

We'll do an example comparing two products I can purchase at the Ontario Cannabis Store.

And click here for a blank printable worksheet so you can do your calculations SUPER easily.

What is the Cost per Milligram of CBD?


Solei Free CBD Oil

Liiv CBD Oil

  1. Price per bottle



​2. Total mg of CBD in the whole bottle (you may have to multiply the mg per mL by the number of mL per bottle)

300 mg

(10mg CBD per mL

30 mL in the bottle

10mg x 30 = 300 mg CBD total)

500 mg

(25 mg CBD/mL

20 mL in the bottle

25 mg x 20 = 500 mg CBD total)

3. Take the price and divide it by the number of mg

$13.95/300mg = $0.05

$49.95/500mg = $0.09

Therefore it cost _____ cents per milligram of CBD.



In this case, assuming all the other factors are equal, the Solei oil is the better buy. Let’s see how that adds up over a day and a year by doing some simple calculations.

How Much CBD Oil Will Cost You Per Day and Per Year

This process is also straightforward, and you can use this printable worksheet to help you figure out the cost of your CBD product.

  1. Take the cost per mg and multiply it by how many mg of CBD you take per day. That will give you the cost per day, and I'm using 50mg as an example here.

  2. Take the cost per day and multiply it by 365, and that's the cost per year.


Solei Free CBD Oil

Liiv CBD Oil

2. Take the cost per mg and multiply it by how many mg of CBD you take per day = cost per day

$0.05/mg x 50 mg/day =$2.50

$0.09/mg x 50 mg/day = $4.50

2. Take the cost per day and multiply it by 365 = the cost per year.

$2.50 x 365 = $912.50/year

$4.50 x 365 = $1642.50/year

You’ll get your total savings per year if you take the most expensive product and subtract the least expensive product. $1642.50 - $912.50 = $730/ year. By choosing Solei over Liiv I can save $730 per year!

If you want to see where this gets REALLY crazy, go figure out how much it is per mg of CBD if you purchase capsules. I've seen this be as high as $0.35 per milligram! This always shocks me, because making your own capsules is also really easy.

Now I Always Shop for CBD with Unit Price in Mind

Once I figured out how to purchase CBD based on price, I’ve been on a hunt to find the least expensive quality oil I can. But, I’m lucky because I live in Canada, where all of our legal cannabis has to pass stringent testing practices, so I know what’s in the stuff I’m consuming.

I’ve tried all kinds of different brands here in Ontario and haven’t noticed a significant difference in quality between the most and least expensive brands, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experience. Currently, I like Dosecann's CBD 100, which is about $0.02 per mg.

cheap cbd oil

The Absolute CHEAPEST Way to Get CBD Oil

Of course, if you want the absolute cheapest quality CBD oil out there, you can make your own so simply. Many people are intimidated by creating cannabis products, but I PROMISE that it is easy and rewarding. Plus, you don’t need any special equipment.

You can learn how to make CBD oil plus dozens of other cannabis-infused products in my self-paced online class, The Ultimate Guide to EASY Homemade Edibles, Drinks, Topicals, and More. It’s only $37, and after taking it, you’ll never have to pay dispensary prices again! Let’s check out the cost savings.

How Much Can Homemade CBD Oil Save You per Year?

Ideally, you'd grow your own hemp or CBD-rich cannabis plants at home, but even if you have to purchase the flower, it's still significantly less expensive than buying it at a dispensary.

Plus, you can make any type of CBD oil you want when you make it yourself. Think of the options: butter, olive oil, avocado oil, MCT oil, ghee, almond oil and more. Once you learn to DIY your canna-creations, the sky is the limit!

At the Ontario Cannabis Store, I can purchase CBD flower for as little as $4.27 per gram. Let's figure out how much it would cost to make my own CBD oil.


  1. The potency of the strain/chemovar is listed at 14%, so that means we'll get about 140 mg of CBD per gram.

  2. It comes in a 3.5-gram package so I'll get about 490 mg of CBD total (140 x 3.5 = 490)

  3. The package costs $14.95 so assuming I use 30 mL of olive oil I already have in my house, I could make CBD oil that has 490 mg of CBD for $14.95.

  4. Using the formulas from above, that works out to be $0.03/mg.

  5. At a dose of 50 mg per day, my homemade CBD oil would cost $547.50 per year. (50 x $0.03= $1.50) ($1.50 x 365 = $547.50)

  6. That's a savings of $365 per year over the Solei and almost $1100 over Liiv! And, that's assuming you only use your newfound canna-cooking skills for CBD oil. Now that I know how to do it, I infuse so many things with CBD and THC, and you can too.

cheap cbd oil

I hope I’ve convinced you that DIY is the way to go, but even if you prefer to buy your CBD oil pre-made, you now have the tools to go out and try it yourself.

So, grab the printable worksheet, head to the dispensary and figure out how much your daily dose of CBD oil is costing you.

And, sound off in the comments, what is the best, least-expensive CBD oil in your neck of the woods? How do you cut costs on your CBD purchases?

With love,


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