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Cannabis Coupons, Discounts
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If you're here, you love discounts - just like us!

On this page, you'll find discounts and coupons for products and services we love and use.

We do get a small kickback if you purchase from these links, so thanks for helping keep the lights on!

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Ardent - Dedicated to Perfect Decarbing

If you make edibles regularly, it makes sense to get an Ardent machine. These cute little countertop machines give you a PERFECT decarb every time and you can even infuse in them! Get yours here for $30 off using the code: revealcannabis 


Levo - The Keurig of Cannabis

If small-batch infusions, dishwasher-friendly cleanup and exceptional cuteness are important to you, you'll want to check out the Levo II.

Grab yours for 10% off (or more) using the code: revealcannabis


The Magical Butter Machine

This the OG of kitchen canna-gadgets and people love it because it allows you to do huge batches, up to 5 cups! The set it and forget nature of it is awesome as well. Grab yours for 10% off below.


T-Check - the At-Home THC and CBD Tester

Have you always wondered EXACTLY how much THC or CBD is in your flower or infusion? Now you can with the handy T-Check. Grab yours for $25 off with the coupon: revealcannabis

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The Reveal Cannabis Amazon Store

We've compiled some of our favorite cannabis books, cannabis accessories and cannabis gadgets ours Amazon Store.


Looking for CBD and CBG in the USA?

You can purchase quality CBD & CBG products like tinctures, oils, topicals and more from Healer CBD.  Get 20% off your purchase by using the code: RevealCannabis


Get your Cannabis Prescription in Canada

Even though you can purchase cannabis legally in Canada, there are many benefits to having a prescription. Learn more and book your free appointment with Apollo Cannabis Clinics.


Get an MMJ Card in the United States

We send American clients to Veriheal when they need a medical marijuana (MMJ) card because their team makes it so simple. Get $20 off yours with code: reveal20 

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