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Budtender Resources!

I LOVE Budtenders! 

On this page,  you'll find resources you can use to uplevel yourself at work and create amazing side hustles! 

Image by Diego PH

Join the Certified Cannabis Educator Program

We'll teach you ALL about cannabis and how to use it for better health and wellness. Then, we'll show you how to take your awesome passion and knowledge and turn it into a profitable side hustle! Budtenders save $300 with the coupon: budtender

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Get the Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit

Ready to start your own online or in-person Cannabis Club or workshop business? I've done ALL the work for you! Get 14 pre-made workshops plus all the marketing materials so you can start earning money while teaching about your favourite plant. Budtenders save $100 with the coupon: budtender

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Awesome Resources for Awesome Budtenders!

Grab this HUGE list of resources meant to help budtenders expand their knowledge! 

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YouTube Tip Sheet

Learn all my best tips and tricks for starting your own cannabis education YouTube channel. This is one of the Tip Sheets from the Certified Cannabis Educator Program.

Read More About Cannabis and Other Offers

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