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Can we use cannabis to help get off of opioids? This doctor says yes.

The opioid crisis is raging, and people are dying. Could cannabis be used to help? This Doctor says yes! If you've ever wondered if THC and/or CBD could be used to help decrease or even wean off of dangerous opiates, this is a must-watch video.

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We discuss:

0:57 Meet Dr. Arash Taghvai - An Awesome Apollo Cannabis Doctor

1:42 Dr. Taghvai Didn't Learn About the Endocannabinoid System In Medical (Even Though He's A Young Doctor)

2:47 What's it like to learn about the ECS AFTER medical school?

4;46 Can People Use Cannabis to Come Off Of Opiates? (The Answer is Yes!)

7:08 But It's Not Like Cannabis Itself Will Do the Job

7:41 Why Is It Important To Have a Doctor Help You With The Opioid Weaning Process?

9:35 From 10 Years Of Opiate Use to Opiate Free in 6 Months (With the Help of Dr. Taghvai!)

12:39 What If We Don't Give Cannabis A Fair Shake?

17:12 Do We REALLY Not Have Enough Research on Cannabis for Doctors?

20:09 How Much CBD and THC are People Using To Wean of Opiates?

25:26 Is Dosing Cannabis Really That Different From Dosing Opiates?

28:03 Why Dr. Taghvai is Excited for More Research in Cannabis in Rheumatology

31:47 Should Everyone Just Be Taking CBD Every Day?


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