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The Parkhill Women's Cannabis Club

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Mission Statement and Vision

The Parkhill Women’s Cannabis Club was founded in the summer of 2019 with the goal of bringing like-minded women together to learn about the healing benefits of cannabis. We strive to educate and empower women to take control of their health and happiness by offering high-quality educational workshops, resources and support.  

Smiling Friends

Membership Options:​

1. The Parkhill Women's Cannabis Club Membership! 

Benefits of Membership

  • You have access to a lending library of supplies

    • Books, cookbooks

    • decarb machines

    • Magical Butter machine etc.

    • We will decide as a group which supplies to purchase and how to distribute them between members

  • Two members-only meetings per year (The “Pot” luck dinner and Nug Swap in the winter and a Birthday Party in the summer)

  • 15% discount on Reveal Cannabis classes and consultations

  • Get a pass to  bring a friend for free one month

  • Optional: Donate some of your harvest to support members who are not able to grow or purchase their medicine

  • Possibly: a members-only ‘taste test’ of different cannabis products or a product testing group - this may be at an additional fee, to be discussed later

  • Have an awesome group of women whom you meet with monthly to learn and laugh

  • (PS - membership fees and monthly meeting fees will be reinvested back into the PWCC)

  • $150/year - you can join at anytime

2. Non-Members

  • We welcome non-members to 10 meetings a year. Pick and choose which ones suit you. 

  • $15/meeting or Pay What You Can

cannabis coach

What Happens at Meetings?

Our meetings follow a similar pattern each month
- meet and greet
- welcome and introduction
- smoke or vape circle (outside for those who want to participate, please bring your own - we don't share due to Covid)
- workshop/talk
- Q and A
- time to socialize


Please bring:
- a drink for yourself
- a snack for yourself
- a friend 😃 She MUST register to attend either here or at
-$15 for non-members (or pay what you can)
- FREE for PWCC Members!


Possible Workshop Schedule - Subject to Change


January - Cannabis for weight loss/health/exercise
February - How to grow cannabis from seed in your backyard this year - (Members get cannabis seeds and can take clones in April)
March - Cannabis for women - sex, menopause, periods etc.
April - Cannabis for anxiety and depression (and pick up your clones for Members)
May - DIY Cannabis Butter and Oil - So you can make all sorts of edibles
June - Yoga Toke/Ganja Yoga taught by a certified yoga instructor (our own Andrea Z)
July - Birthday Party and Nug Swap (MEMBERS ONLY),(Possibly a cannabis-infused dinner party???)
August - Cannabis 101
September - Harvesting/Storing Techniques
October - Cannabis For Seniors
November - DIY Cannabis Salve (Christmas gift idea)
December -Pot Luck and Nug Swap (MEMBERS ONLY)



How Do You Join?


Head over to our Facebook Group or send me an email at to be put on the list!

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