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If you have questions about how and why cannabis works, you’re in the right place. I have been fascinated with how and why cannabis works for four years now and there is so much more to learn each day. On this page, I’ll point you to some of my favourite resources to help you understand this amazing plant.


Hi! I’m Andrea Meharg. In 2016 I suffered from a deep depression and ultimately, cannabis was what helped me get better, but I didn’t understand why. I’m a life-long learner and teacher, so I pursued a journey of learning about cannabis but quickly became frustrated with the lack of information about using it for health, not just getting high. So, I trained to be a Cannabis Coach and now I’m on a mission to share everything I’ve learned with you. Learn more about me here.


Learn more about the Science of Cannabis

My favourite cannabis science books 

My favourite cannabis science website EVER!

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My Favourite Cannabis Science Books

Click here to see more of my favourite books.

My Favourite Cannabis Science Website EVER!

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Tell me if this is you. You’re a true canna-nerd and you love to dive deep into the current research on all the cannabis compounds BUT you’re not a trained scientist, so just searching for studies isn’t that easy. Bonus points if you’d love a website that’s highly customizable and searchable.


Please let me introduce you to CannaKeys. It’s a true dream for me and my fellow Cannabis Coaches, but I think even just the canna-curious would benefit from checking it out. It has absolutely everything I can think of in a cannabis science search engine. I did a great interview with the co-founders of CannaKeys which you can see below.

How to Find Good Science on Cannabis - CannaKeys Walkthrough
Reveal Cannabis

How to Find Good Science on Cannabis - CannaKeys Walkthrough


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If you’re looking to incorporate healthy cannabis use into your life and would like support along the way, I can help. Get two months of 1-1 support, a personalized guide and much more. Find out more about the Complete Cannabis Consultation here.


" Hiring Andrea is one of the best things I have done for myself. She is extremely knowledgeable, and our time was focused on my questions and highly individualized. Andrea is extremely patient and thorough.
She answered all of my questions, and she kindly broke down each process that I needed help understanding. I have had a very positive outcome from following her suggestions. I highly recommend Andrea as a cannabis coach."

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