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Quick Chats

Sometimes, you just want to ask a couple of questions about cannabis. 

  • Is this the best way to make canna-butter?

  • How do I pick a quality product from my dispensary?

  • I need help understanding labelling on my CBD bottle.

  •  Can I give this to my dog for her pain?

  • How do I figure out what strains will work for me?

cannabis information phone call service

I can help!

In the Quick Chat, we meet on the phone for 30 minutes and you ask me all your canna-questions. Well, not ALL of them... In the Quick Chat I DON'T recommend specific strains, doses and ingestion methods that may work for you - that's called the Cannabis Consultation and you can book that over here. 

This call is meant to answer your more general cannabis questions and to give you guidance as you check out the cannabis world.

$50 CAD/30 minutes

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