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Finding Healing for Autoimmune Issues and Endometriosis with Cannabis

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Meet Jackie. She has suffered endometriosis for years and more recently, Hashimotos. She knew cannabis was working but wanted to understand how and why. Now she's helping her family overcome the stigma and her clients get off pain meds.

Cannabis Coaching Institute Graduate Profiles

This is our next installment in a series of videos and blogs that I'm creating, where I'm profiling some of the students who have graduated (or are close to it) from the Cannabis Coaching Institute. It's really exciting to see where our students are working, what types of programs they're creating, how they're able to help their clients. And I hope that this series of interviewing these grads gives you a better handle on what we do at the Cannabis Coaching Institute (CCI). As always, if you have any questions, please post them down below. And if you're ready to join, click that happy button below and use code: revealcannabis for $500 off your tuition.

***Below you'll find a transcription of the video I made with Jackie. It's been slightly edited for better readability.***

- Today, We're going to be speaking with Jackie who was on a mission to understand how and why cannabis was working in her own life as she treated her endometriosis, and then Hashimoto's. So let's meet Jackie.

- Hi. My name is Jackie, and I am from Wisconsin currently, in the United States.

- Can you tell me a little bit about what class you're in at CCI? When did you start and then what was the decision-making process or how did you get to CCI in the first place.

- I'm in the February class, I just recently graduated. I have been wanting to do CCI, so I stalked it for a while. I really was using cannabis for my health, for my personal health, and I knew I was getting better, but I didn't understand why. That's why I waited until I had the time to do CCI, because I really wanted to have the time to dive into understanding how cannabis was helping me. My personal cannabis use brought me to CCI.

- Can you talk more about what you mean by how you knew cannabis was helping you? What were you using cannabis for?

- I've had a long health journey of sickness. I've dealt with endometriosis pretty much my entire female life, since I was 12. I was using cannabis since 2010 to help me with those symptoms. But in 2019, I started to use it for Hashimoto's. It's an autoimmune disorder. When all of my health symptoms just kind of started to spiral out of control, I used cannabis to help me with my sleep and my pain. And I started to feel better, but I didn't understand why. That's how CCI helped me connect those dots because I was not having pain. I was being able to be active in life and I wanted to be able to know why and how that was.

- Can you tell me what the most impactful part of taking this class has been for you either personally or professionally?

- Well, personally I've been able to dial in my health. I live a mostly symptom-free life now, which is amazing for me. And that's because I understand all the cannabinoids. And I, before I used to play around with like THC, CBD but I had lots of stigma. Now, I understand my body, I can handle it confidently. Which has then given me the confidence professionally to build this business to really help others. Because since I understand for myself, I may not understand you, but you understand you. So I like helping others do that.

- And you have the skills to help your clients do that same work by tracking and paying attention and teaching them so that they can also intuitively understand their health. That segues really perfectly. Tell me about your business. What's its name. What's your mission? Who do you serve?

- All right. So then my business is Happy Healthy High Life: Honor Thy Self With Plants.

- I the love, your tagline.

- Thank you. I feel like we all walk through the world living the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But we have to take care of ourselves so that we can be our best for others and understanding this plant helps us, each one of us, differently and dynamically. So I help people who have auto-immune issues like fibromyalgia. Those have been my main clients so far, and I've helped them come down on their pain medications and be able to really approach life using flower. Most excitingly, one of my clients, she had started with gummies and concentrates, but she went and bought flower on her own and was so excited about it and really experiencing that with her and connecting her to how to inhale the flower and connect with it on that level has been so exciting. I love doing it.

- Tell me about why you're so passionate about connecting people to the flower.

- Because I really feel like that levels up your healing journey. When you smell it for the first time, the way it fires in your brain, you get tingles, you get goosebumps, like you feel it. And then when you inhale it, either with a vaporizer or with a joint or even if you go into making a concentrate with it, you've connected with it. And you know how it's going to vibe with you. And I love that. It's just magical.

- You want people to have a personal connection with the plant. I was at a conference a couple of years ago and there was basically a Cannabis Sommelier, somebody whose job it is to really understand the smells of cannabis and how they work. And she was really big on taking dry puffs of your joint. If you're going to smoke a joint or a pipe, maybe even a vaporizer, take a couple of dry puffs and really taste it and feel it. And when you were talking about getting the tingles just by smelling it, I bet you would really connect to that as well.

- Yes, I agree with that. I want to do the Interpener course out in California whenever things lighten up.

- Tell me about a win then in your business.

- My family. This has really brought my family closer together. And even my extended family, I got a call from my aunt yesterday who was like, "Oh my goodness. I am so proud of you." And then she started having all of these questions. She knew what I'd been doing. But now that she saw it, her mind was just so open. So really, my family has become my biggest cheerleaders. My dad is an Uber driver in Tennessee, the biggest fan guy. When people get in the car he says, "So my daughter's a Cannabis Coach." So I know that I'm slowly professionally building this business. But with my family so warmly embracing me and then helping, it's really helping me then continue forward with it.

- Was there stigma in your family before, or were people concerned about what you were doing and now you've kind of been able to open their eyes?

- Yes. There has been a big stigma around it. They said, "We support you but we don't know what that is, what that's gonna look like." And I have family that's in human resources and they work in like bank jobs. So very professional.

- And it turns out you can love cannabis and be professional too.

- Exactly, so it's been exciting to see their mind kind of open a little bit each week, this year, because it's just slow and steady.

- And you started in February. It's only September. Wait till you see where they're at February 2022, right? I love thinking about that. Did you go through the free 3 Step Business Building Challenge before you joined?

- I Did.

- That seems to be a consistent theme with our graduates who are doing really well is that they started with a really strong business plan. All right. What would you say to someone who is reading this or thinking about joining CCI, but they're on the fence.

- I would say just trust yourself. This is an opportunity to really get to understand your endocannabinoid system, to understand how it's working for you and all of the different ways. And I say that because it really connects your body-mind. That's what CCI really does is it connects your body, mind, putting the whole picture together, and then you can help others however you feel called to do so. It's kind of like when you sprain your ankle. The exercises that you do to restore the connection between your brain and the connection of your ankle is you write out the alphabet with your big toe, that way your ankle and brain get that connection is back. When you do the exercises with CCI, it connects like your endocannabinoid system and your body-mind, that whole thing so you know where it is and how to guide it forward.

- That's beautiful. I've never heard anybody talk about CCI like that before. And I love the analogy. So thank you. That's, that's probably a great way to end. Do you have anything else that you want to say about your business or about CCI or?

- I would just really like to say, I really appreciate the positive unexpected benefits because I was really expecting to do this for myself and maybe do a business out of it, but this really showed me how passionate I am about this and about helping others. And I've loved that CCI brought that to me.

- And we love that you came to CCI. So thank you . Please go check out Jackie and everything that she's doing, and I will see you on the next CCI grad profile. And if this calls to you, suse code: revealcannabis for $500 off your tuition at the link below. And make sure that you sign up for the FREE business-building workshop series. Many of our most successful cannabis coaches have done this work first. It really does set you up, in order to really think about this in a business-minded way and it's all free. Don't forget to watch/read some of the other videos/blogs of the previous cannabis coaching grads and see their stories, and see if they resonate with you as well.

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