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Cannabis for Anxiety and Depression - A Reveal Cannabis Case Study

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

A note from Andrea: Earlier this year, the wonderful writer Diane Fogle reached out and asked if she could do a case study on one of my Complete Cannabis Consultation clients. This blog is the piece she wrote after interviewing both of us.

New Cannabis Users Are Finally Getting the Guidance They Deserve

Kait, Pre-cannabis

After her first baby was born, at 21 years old, Kait suffered from postpartum depression. With the help of doctors and Zoloft, Kait was able to be functional until the birth of her second baby. Another round of postpartum depression combined with sensitivities to her medication, and a difficult move across the province left Kait in a dark place.

“I spent a whole year thinking, ‘You can’t kill yourself because if you do who will take care of your kids?’” Kait said. Due to her sensitivity, Kait couldn’t increase her medication, and nothing else she tried helped. “Lifestyle changes were just not attainable when I was already so worked up all the time. It was one more thing I had to do and I couldn’t.”

First Taste of Cannabis

At her darkest hour, Kait met Andrea Meharg of Reveal Cannabis. Kait laid everything out in that first meeting. Andrea was a great listener. When she was done sharing her story, Andrea offered her some cannabis. “At the time, I thought, ‘I can’t do that now. I’m a mom.’” Kait said, so Andrea invited her to the Parkhill Women’s Cannabis Club.

At the Club, Kait tried a small amount of cannabis-infused olive oil. “My first reaction was, ‘This tastes awful’” Kait said. “But I tried it. Then I sat there and I listened to Andrea’s whole workshop and I was around all these people I didn’t know, but I wasn’t worried about it. It was the most relaxed I had been in over a year.”

Kait realized cannabis was the answer she had been searching for. “If that little bit of oil can make me feel this much better, I’m going to start working with this girl, so I can feel like this all the time.”

Exploring Cannabis While Staying Functional

Once Kait knew cannabis could work for her, she needed a way to get started while staying functional. As a resort sales manager and mom of two, she could not afford to be out of it or high while exploring cannabis, but she didn’t know anything about dosing or ways to consume it. Kait needed guidance from someone knowledgeable about cannabis. That’s where Andrea and Reveal Cannabis shine.

Cannabis Coaching with Reveal Cannabis

Andrea is a certified Cannabis Coach who guides clients through their first experiences with cannabis, then gives them the tools to continue with cannabis comfortably and on their own terms. Coaching sessions start with a questionnaire. Based on the answers, Andrea recommends products, starting doses, and ingestion methods based on the client’s lifestyle and preferences. Then, she is available to her clients via email for two months plus a follow-up call, so they never feel lost on their cannabis journey.

Through their coaching sessions, Andrea helped Kait track what worked and what didn’t. “I gave everything three tries. It took a while, but once we figured it out, cannabis changed everything,” Kait noted.

It took Kait longer than a typical Reveal Cannabis client to feel her best, but she remembers exactly when she knew her dosage was dialled in. “I had spent a whole year doing the bare minimum with my kids. Because I had depression, I assumed I was a bad mom. After the first couple of weeks using cannabis, I was reading them stories, and putting them to bed, and hugging them. They came up to me like ‘You’re the best mom ever.’ I was not the best mom ever until I started using cannabis. My children are seeing me happy again and I see that reflected in them.”

How is Kait Feeling Now?

“The four years after kids and before finding Reveal Cannabis were the worst years I’ve ever had.” Thanks to her work with Andrea, Kait is now able to spend all day working and still have enough energy left over to be the best mom ever. She has now booked another round of coaching with Reveal Cannabis to help with digestive issues and improve her quality of life even more.

Who is Reveal Cannabis Coaching for?

“Honestly? Everybody. My friend with PTSD, my boss who is trying to lose weight, I recommend Andrea’s coaching and cannabis to everyone. She’s changing people’s lives.”


If you're ready to start feeling better, book a Cannabis Consultation with Andrea here. She's offering $50 off for new bookings until January 2022. Please just mention the code: HOLIDAYS.

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