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Did you know that up to 18% of Canadian kids in grades 7-12 have tried cannabis in the past year? 


And this isn't the ditch weed their parents were smoking in their youth either. We now have access to the most potent forms of cannabis ever available, plus new ways of consuming it.

Cannabis "addictions" and hospitalizations are on the rise, and parents are understandably worried.

On the flip side, we know that cannabis can be an effective and safe way for adults (and children) to treat a variety of diseases and symptoms. It's called medicine, and you'll hear all its benefits shouted loudly from the rooftops.


What does this all mean for you as a parent? It means you have to talk to your kids about cannabis. But HOW?

Don't worry! We've got you!















How to talk to your kids about cannabis

Meet Rev. Kelly Addison and Andrea Meharg. They are both former elementary school educators who now teach about the healthy use of cannabis, and they're both moms. After years of being asked by friends, family, and followers how they taught their own children about cannabis, they decided to put together this amazing class for you.


This online class is filled with factual information on the potential benefits (and harms) of cannabis, the best ways to introduce the subject to your children, and resources that you can use to make these conversations easier and more impactful for the family.

  • Get video lessons on:

    • Why families and children need this information

    • How and why cannabis works in the body

    • How children learn at various stages of development

    • How to start the discussion

  • Plus, you'll receive a huge list of resources for you and your family

The class will be ready in the fall of 2022. Click below to get on the waiting list and to save 50% off the regular price of $29 USD!

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