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Anahata Wellness

Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Series:
Anxiety and Depression

Image by Anthony Tran

If you're a woman in the Parkhill, Ontario area and you're struggling with anxiety or depression, we invite you to join our 6-week cannabis-friendly yoga series. The focus of this class is to give you strategies, education and information you can use to help you feel better. We'll be diving deep on the cannabis plant and how it may help those who are suffering, plus you'll learn the importance of mindset and mindfulness with tools to make those practices easier. Then, you'll enjoy a relaxing yoga class that will leave you feeling content and happy.

Who are "we" you ask? Hi! We're Andrea (from Northern Mystic on the left) and  Andrea (from Reveal Cannabis, on the right). We met in our tiny town and realized we're both passionate about combining cannabis with other wellness practices to help people feel better. She's a "better than Bali" yoga instructor and I'm a cannabis coach and educator. It seemed a match made in heaven. The result is Anahata Wellness where we run cannabis-infused yoga classes, women's retreats and more. 


Our first in a series of "Cannabis-Friendly Yoga" classes is focused on anxiety and depression. It seems like everyone we know is having a hard time with one or the other (or both). We're not claiming to have the magic bullet here, but we speak from experience when we say that combining these two ancient traditions together can really help.

What Can You Expect?

We meet each Monday from 7:00-9:00 at a private space in Parkhill, Ontario. Each class follows the same format.

  • Welcome circle

  • Cannabis and CBD workshop (see topics below)

  • Gentle yoga class suitable for all bodies and all experience levels. Each class is specifically designed with anxiety and depression in mind

  • Meditation

  • Closing circle

Workshop Themes

Each week we dive deep on a specific way that cannabis may help you in your journey to better mental health. But no need to write it all down or try to remember, you'll leave with a handout that outlines everything you've learned, and it has tips and tricks for mindset, meditation, yoga and more.



Week 1

Let's let go of some of the stigmas as we learn about the incredible system in our bodies that is designed to 'catch' the good stuff in cannabis.



Week 2

Learn about ALL the different ways you can take cannabis and the advantages to each method.

Stressed Woman


Week 3

Get recommendations on strains that might help plus learn how to read labels so you get the experience you want.

rolling cannabis

Week 4


What's the difference? Is one better than the other? How do I get a cannabis prescription?

cannabis coach

Week 5


Can you become accustomed to the relief cannabis brings? What is cannabis tolerance and how can you avoid it?

cannabis baking

Week 6


Learn to make your own cannabis edibles, tinctures, salves and more! You'll be a canna-chef in no time.


  • Monday nights from 7:00-9:00 at a private residence in Parkhill, Ontario

  • February 24-March 30

  • All bodies and experience levels welcome

  • If you choose to consume cannabis you MUST have a safe way home.

  • $135 via e-transfer to

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