Let's Transform your Life


Hi, and let's celebrate! The first step in changing your life is thinking about changing it. And you're here!


Cannabis has truly transformed my life and I'm dedicated to helping others reap the amazing life-changing benefits from this plant. You are an ideal fit for this program if yoand one thing I've learned since stepping into this world is that people come to this plant for a multitude of reasons. Cannabis is a research-based, plant medicine godsend for those suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, debilitating migraines, sleep issues, arthritis or depression.


You're an ideal  That's why I started coaching. I'm excited to see what it can do for you


No matter why you're here, your life will transform in these three months. You'll immediately reap the health benefits of cannabis. You'll experience shifts in your mindset you didn't think possible. You'll reconnect with your body and will nourish your higher self.


But, (you knew there was a 'but' didn't you), you are the one who must do the work to experience the change. bit scary That's a bit scary, isn't it? No worries, it's why you hire a coach. My job is to help uncover why you want and need this transformation. Then, I'll support you and hold you accountable while you make the changes necessary to reveal your new life. You'll spend the next three months getting to know yourself again and doing what brings you joy.


First, I'll help you discover your ideal cannabis doses, strains, and ingestion methods. You'll be taking cannabis in a way that you're comfortable with, whether it be tinctures, capsules, vaping, topicals or something else. When your endocannabinoid system is back in balance, you will feel amazing.  


But the real transformational power of this program is combining cannabis with a host of other holistic healing practices. During our weekly coaching sessions, we'll add in mindset training, intuitive nutrition, meditation, breathing exercises and joyful movement. You'll spend each week creating new habits and kicking your old stories to the curb using exercises created just for you and your situation. All of it will be fun and easy because: cannabis! 


You'll be following personalized dosing recommendations that we refine every week until we find your 'Goldilocks Zone'. You'll never feel paranoid, out of control, or too high. You'll become confident when shopping at a dispensary because you'll know exactly what works best for you. Interested in making your own edible canna-creations? I've got you covered there too. 


You'll also be part of an online community of my coaching clients where you can be as open or as anonymous as you want. There, you'll connect with other like-minded people who are excited about transforming their lives and the wonders of cannabis. This is the place to ask your questions throughout the week and to share your celebrations.


By the end of the 12 weeks, you'll be a whole new you, fully empowered to continue living your dreams.


The first step is booking a complimentary one-hour Discovery Call with me. We'll talk about what you're struggling with, and about how cannabis and this program can help. If after the call we're excited to work together, you'll join my three-month coaching program.


Introductory Price: $1,500 CAD


I am currently accepting clients who have or who would like help getting a Medical Recommendation (cannabis 'prescription') or who live in a legal state.


To schedule a Discovery Call, email