• Andrea Meharg

Why Smoking Pot Makes Me a Better Mom – An Honest Look Into The Day In The Life of a Stoner Mom

There is being a mom. And there is being a mom who uses cannabis.

I’ve lived many days in each camp and I firmly prefer the latter. But using cannabis responsibly so that you can be a fantastic mom isn’t (always) about smoking joints on the couch. Let me walk you through a typical day.

5:30am and the alarm goes off. I creep stealthily down the stairs avoiding the creaky ones. This time is precious and the smallest sound has been known to rouse my 8 year old from a dead sleep. I add a CBD-rich cannabis oil to my coffee, take a couple of puffs from my vape and spend a glorious hour alone, meditating and reading.

Read the full article here: https://www.missmarijuana.org/2018/10/21/moms-who-smoke-weed/

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